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From the Head Master

Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in St Philip's.


St Philip's is an exceptional London prep school for boys age 7 to 13, and sits on its foundation site amidst the Royal Parks and world-class museums of Kensington.


In September 2024 we will grow to be a school for boys from 4 to 13, but will remain a small school with a distinguished history, famous for providing a characteristically homely and warm environment in which boys can explore their potential and flourish socially, morally, and intellectually.


The school is ambitious for every boy and its formidable record of academic achievement is testament to the ability of its teachers to bring the best out of the boys in their care. It is a privilege to serve the school as its Head Master, and it is my role to ensure that it remains at the fore of prep education in England. 

The importance of fun

I believe that the atmosphere in a healthy prep school should be light, airy, and optimistic, and central to my objectives is to ensure that the boys have as much fun as possible. We treat our boys with kindness and respect while giving them the boundaries within which they will thrive, and we work hard to keep them as busy as possible, providing them with opportunities to explore and cultivate their interests and talents in as many ways as possible.


Authentic family values

The Catholic values of St Philip's are distinctive, timeless, and resistant to fleeting trends and fashions. As such, they are a strong draw to families of a strong faith, other faiths, or no faith at all. Importantly, we live those values out every day and our messages to the boys are consistent and authentic. This gives our boys a rare and distinctive moral foundation, which we hope will remain with them throughout their life.

We would be delighted to meet you

Do feel free to contact us or, even better, to a pay us a visit. You are guaranteed a warm and friendly reception.

Alexander Thomas

Head Master



Thursday 13th June

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