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Governance & Oversight

St Philip's is an independent charitable trust, and its sole aim is the education of its pupils. No person or organisation turns a profit from the school's activities, and all energy and focus is placed on the welfare and academic development of those in its care.


A governing board of non-executive trustees oversees the activities of the school. Comprised of experts with a range of skills, the trustees meet regularly to steer the direction of the school. Leveraging their professional expertise and wisdom, they support and challenge the executive leadership to ensure the school is sound and flourishing.

Trustees ensure that policies and practices adhere to legal requirements and foster a secure environment that facilitates a quality education.

Trustees of the school


J Dean

Board members
R Llewellyn
J McIntosh
E Orr

C O Siochru
M Slater

 Clerk to the Board, Fiona Kaye:

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