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Since 1934...

St Philip's has been an exceptional London prep school

for boys aged 7 to 13.

From 2024...

when boys will be able to join Reception with us for the first time, we will become an exceptional London prep school

for boys aged 4 to 13.

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Exceptional schooling for boys aged 4 to 13

Why is St Philip’s expanding its educational provision?

We are realising a long-held ambition to offer St Philip’s parents the potential for a seamless educational journey for their sons from the age of 4 to 13. It allows the School to share its distinctive set of values and ethos with its pupils from an earlier stage and it increases opportunities for brothers to attend St Philip’s together.


Why has 5 Wetherby Place been chosen?

The School values its place in the history of education in London, and is proud to maintain its location on its foundation site in the heart of Kensington, close to the Brompton Oratory. 5 Wetherby Place is an active school building directly opposite our existing home, and the opportunity to expand into its space is compelling.


When can we see St Philip’s?

There will be open days held at 6 Wetherby Place on


  • Thursday 2nd November

  • Thursday 16th November

  • Tuesday 28th November


Parents can register attendance here


What will be the main entry point for pupils joining St Philip’s?

4+ (Reception). Boys will join Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. The first boys will arrive in September 2024.


Will there be access to outside space?

Al boys in all year groups will have access to a delightful enclosed and secure garden that runs the length of the block.


Will lunch be provided?

Boys will have the option of bringing their own lunch to school but may chooses to eat a hot lunch provided by the school each day and billed termly as an extra. Al boys will bring healthy snacks from home for break times.


Will the boys wear a uniform?

Boys will wear the St Philip’s uniform comprising: blue blazers, blue/yellow ties, white shirts, grey jumpers (full sleeve or tank), charcoal shorts and charcoal socks.


Games kit will vary from season to season. From September to March it will comprise: blue/yellow tops, blue shorts, blue socks, clue tracksuits. From April to July it will comprise: white t-shirt, white shorts, white socks.


Perry’s uniform suppliers will supply all uniform.


What will average class sizes be?

Our size is our USP and we expect to have up to 18 boys in each class, and to remain a single-form entry school. In Reception we expect to operate two classes of 9 boys in each.


How will the fees be set?

We expect the fees to be £7,000 per term for Reception to Year 2. Current fees for boys in Years 3 to 8 are £7,450 per term. All fees are reviewed and set by the trustees in the Lent Term (March) preceding the new academic year.


How will admissions work?

All boys must be registered via the Registrar, Mrs Fiona Kaye, and pay a non-refundable registration fee of £150.


Boys will then be invited for assessment and parents to meet the Head Master, Registrar, and senior staff in the Lent Term.


How will you assess boys for entry into Reception at 4+?

All potential parents will meet the Head Master and tour the School so that the School’s values and approach are clearly understood. Once parents have visited the School and completed the registration process, boys will be invited to attend an informal assessment, known as a 'play day' at St Philip’s.


The play day will be informal in nature from the point of view of the boys. From the point of view of the assessors, we always look for potential and ‘teachability’ as opposed to outright attainment. To assess this, we will observe boys in small groups and focus on creative play, structured play using building blocks and sequencing material, phonics, and communication and social interaction skills. We are looking for boys who will thrive in our setting and contribute to it positively.


Will a sibling policy be in place?

It is our strong preference to keep families together wherever possible. Providing boys meet our entry requirements at point of assessments, all siblings will be given preference on our lists.


Will provision be made for applicants with SEN?

St Philip’s will act in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.  pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) will not be put at a substantial disadvantage in matters of admission. The School will take reasonable measures to support  a child with physical difficulties and, where possible, make adjustments for accessibility.


Must I or my son be Catholic to join St Philips?

Our Catholic values are at the heart of all we do, and are attractive to those of a strong Catholic faith, other faiths, and no faith at all. We have a rich heritage of welcoming applications from all families who commit to support the values of the school and the traditions and ideals of the Catholic Church. While the majority of our families are Catholic, a significant proportion are not; all have found a welcoming home.


Will there be any further entry points in the School?

As is currently the case, occasional places may become available further up the School. Boys will be evaluated as they are now to ascertain the suitability of the school for their needs, socially and academically.


From 2026 onwards only occasional places will be available for 7+.

From 2027 onwards only occasional places will be available for 8+.


How will this affect my son’s place if we are already registered to join Form 3?

Parents who are currently in the admissions process to join Form 3 (7+) in 2027 will instead be able to apply for a place in Reception (4+) starting in September 2024.


Who will teach the boys in Reception to Year 2?

Each class from Reception to Year 2 will have a its own teacher and assistant. St Philip’s will remain a small school and will use the experience and knowledge of its long-standing staff where necessary for sports, music, art, and clubs.


What sort of curriculum will be taught?

For EYFS (Reception), boys will focus on literacy and numeracy each morning with afternoons  dedicated to a rich curriculum of humanities and science, movement, singing, music, drama, art, crafts, team-building, and PSHE.


As boys progress into Years 1, 2 and 3, they will still focus on literacy but will spend progressively more time on science, French, history, geography, RS, ICT, music, drama, and games. As they move into Year 5, they will study Latin and boys may opt for Greek from Year 6.


Will homework be set?

Daily reading will tasks will be set with regular spellings and vocabulary tasks (at least weekly). Spelling and times-tables will form the basis of homework in Years 1 to 3 with written tasks introduced at the appropriate point along the way.


5 Wetherby Place is across a road from 6 Wetherby Place – how will safety be maintained?

St Philip’s has been moving boys carefully and safely across this road for many years while travelling via coach to our purpose-built Games facilities in Barnes. The School is experienced in establishing and maintaining strict supervision processes and protocols to safeguard the children in its care. In addition, the School will make an application to the local council for the installation of a pedestrian crossing between the two buildings.


How will the School finance its expansion?

The School has launched a capital campaign to finance its expansion. Parents and friends of School have supported it wonderfully at an exciting moment in its history.


destination schools in 2023



Dulwich x 2
Westminster x 2
St Paul's
Thames Christian
Wetherby Senior


 Eton x 2
Radley x 2





City of London


City of London

In a nutshell: great results, clear values, good fun.

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