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Boys at play

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a green oasis in SW7

The school is privileged to have access to a secure garden to the rear of the school. 

The garden is locked away from the public and comprises a small collection of play areas and table tennis tables set among a weaving collection of footpaths, trees, plants, and shrubs with benches and quiet spaces scattered around in which sit and read or simply to chat with friends. Alongside our 30 acres at Barn Elms, the garden is one of the lungs of the school.

The garden is open each day before the start of assemblies. It falls quiet during the first two lessons of the day and wakes up again as boys use it to let off steam between lessons in the morning session. The boys are fortunate to get outside for plenty of fresh air each day.

We take the boys' play time in the garden seriously. If they are to achieve any level of focus in lessons, it is vital that they are able to enjoy an open-air outlet for their natural energy at regular intervals, and they are encouraged outside whatever the weather.

After school in the summer months it is used for table tennis clubs, garden parties, barbecues, drinks receptions, and the annual summer fair. 

It is also the venue in which our eldest boys receive their Common Entrance results in their final term at St Philip's.




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